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Table 4 Sampling locations and their coordinates divided by designated region

From: Phylogeography of higher Diptera in glacial and postglacial grasslands in western North America

Prairies region
 Onefour Heritage Land, ABOnefour49.15666− 110.2635
 Cypress Hills Interprov. Park, ABCypress Hills AB49.6291− 110.2623
 Rte 41, South of Cypress Hills Interprov. Park, ABCypress Hills AB49.49087− 110.2547
 Rte 41, near Cressday, ABOnefour49.2444− 110.2525
 Midland Provincial Park, McMullen Island, near Dinosaur Trail, ABDinosaur51.46943− 112.771
 Cypress Hills Interprov. Park, SKCypress Hills SK49.6718− 109.4615
 Aweme/Criddle Vane Homestead Prov. Park, MBAweme49.70853− 99.60275
Peace River region
 Dunvegan, ABDunvegan55.92543− 118.59856
 Peace River, Grouard Hill, ABPeace56.2325− 117.2770
Southern Yukon
 Robinson Road House, YTRobinson60.44839− 134.84961
 Conglomerate Mtn, 8.8 km South of Twin Lakes, YTConglomerate61.6273− 135.8802
 Bushy Mountain, 15 km South of Carmacks, YTCarmacks61.9700− 136.2033
 13.1 km west of Takhini River, YTTakhini60.81407− 135.9706