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Table 1 Structure and sample size for MANOVA models

From: Diet segregation in American bison (Bison bison) of Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, USA)

Ha x y Time period Sample size Model ID
Female Male
1 Sex δ13Cfeces, %Nfeces Mating season 30 29 1
2 Sex δ13Ccollagen, δ15Ncollagen Multi-year 24 16 2
3 Sex, CR δ13Cfeces, %Nfeces Mating season 15 14 3.1
δ13Ccollagen, δ15Ncollagen Multi-year 13 12 3.2
4 Sex, NR δ13Cfeces, %Nfeces Mating season 15 15 4.1
δ13Ccollagen, δ15Ncollagen Multi-year 11 4 4.2
  1. Models tested whether diet varies as a function of sex and range between mating season and a multi-year time period. To test hypotheses 3 and 4, we subset the data for each range (CR, Central Range; NR, Northern Range), and analyzed the effect of sex on proxy measures for diet within each range. Columns labeled “x” and “y” denote the independent and dependent variables, respectively, for each model