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Fig. 4

From: Seasonal movements and habitat use of African buffalo in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Fig. 4

(Creator and copyright holder: A. Roug)

Vegetation and habitat selection in June–October (dry season) and November–May (wet season) within a polygon surrounding all collar points from 11 adult female African buffaloes collared in Ruaha National Park between October 2014 and April 2017 (see Table 1). The relative probability of use (Use) was based on the habitat selection models shown in Table 2. Abbreviations for vegetation types: CL_HERB_PERM_FL = closed herbaceous vegetation on permanently flooded land, CL_SHR = closed shrubs, CL_OP_WOODVEG = closed to open woody vegetation (thicket), CL_TR = Closed trees, CL_TR_TEMP_FL = closed trees on temporarily flooded land, IS_RF_HERB_CRP = isolated (in natural vegetation or other) rainfed herbaceous crops, OP_SHR_40_65% CC = open shrubs with 40–65% crown cover, OP_CL_HERBVEG_TEMP_FL = open to closed herbaceous vegetation on temporarily flooded land, OP_CL_SHR_TEMP_FL = open to closed shrubs on temporarily flooded land, OP_TR_40_65% CC = open trees with 40–65% crown cover, RAIN_TR_CRP = rainfed tree crop (mixed unit with natural vegetation or other), SCAT_RF_HERB_CRP = scattered rainfed herbaceous crop, SHR_SAV = shrub savannah, TR_SHR_SAV = trees and shrub savannah, V_OP_SHR_40_15% CC = very open shrubs with 15–40% crown cover, V_OP_TR_15_40% CC = very open trees with 15–40% crown cover

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