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Table 2 Pearson correlation coefficient of dominant environmental variables

From: Predicting distribution of Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim. in China

Code alt prec8 tmax12 bio4 tmax11 bio15 tmean3 tmax3 tmax2 tmin1 tmean9
prec8 0.064b           
tmax12 0.723a 0.400b          
bio4 0.341b − 0.504b − 0.611b         
tmax11 0.281a 0.302b 0.709b − 0.677b        
bio15 0.003b 0.021b − 0.107b 0.110b − 0.045b       
tmean3 0.041a 0.120b 0.601b − 0.584b 0.657b − 0.052b      
tmax3 0.651a 0.122b 0.572b − 0.560b 0.629b − 0.051b 0.552b     
tmax2 0.703b 0.259b 0.736b − 0.717b 0.747b − 0.088b 0.709b 0.636b    
tmin1 0.258b 0.342b 0.774b − 0.734b 0.714b − 0.107b 0.609b 0.577b 0.690b   
tmean9 0.534b − 0.020b 0.380b − 0.240b 0.307b − 0.008a 0.262b 0.406b 0.311b 0.389b  
tmean1 0.410b 0.385b 0.768b 0.769b 0.703b − 0.066b 0.603b 0.596b 0.691b 0.776b 0.381b
  1. aMeans the difference is significant at the 0.05 level; bMeans the difference is extremely significant at the 0.01 level