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Table 1 The properties of the habitat types in Ramat Hanadiv Nature Park (following Bar Massada et al. [57])

From: Increased songbird nest depredation due to Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) encroachment in Mediterranean shrubland

Habitat type% of the park areaTypical plantsStructure
Natural shrubland35Broad-leaved Phillyrea, Mastic tree0.5–2 m tall, 25–50% cover
Mixed shrubland with pines31Broad-leaved Phillyrea and Mastic tree and few pine trees0.5–5 < m tall, > 75% cover
Open pine plantation4Pine trees with Mastic treeHeight > 5 m, < 75% cover
Dense pine plantation7.4Pine and Cyprus treesHeight > 5 m, > 75% cover