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Table 2 Degree of urbanity and rabbit population dynamics

From: Importance of latrine communication in European rabbits shifts along a rural–to–urban gradient

  Axis loading
(a) Urbanization-related variables
 Proportion of artificial ground cover at each study site 0.84
 Numbers of anthropogenic objects per ha at each study site 0.93
 Intensity of disturbance by humans and leashed/unleashed dogs min−1 ha−1 0.97
 Numbers of human residents located within a radius of 500 m 0.96
(b) Variables related to population dynamics
 Population density 0.89
 Burrow density 0.94
 Social group size −0.58
  1. Axis loadings of two separated principal component analyses on variables related to (a) urbanization effects (explaining 85.9 % of the total variance) and (b) rabbit population dynamics, respectively (explaining 66.7 % of the total variance)