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Table 1 Information of sampling sites and trees, such as background of population, location, tree size and vegetation

From: Determination of the genetic structure of remnant Morus boninensis Koidz. trees to establish a conservation program on the Bonin Islands, Japan

  Background of the population Latitude and Longitude   Elevation Population density
OTJ putative natural N27° 10'46"–10'53" E142° 11'18"–11'24" 33–90 m Dense
CCJ mixed1) N27° 02'40"–06'14" E142° 11'07"–14'00" 2–300 m Sparse
KWK mixed2) N26° 39'32"–39'50" E142° 08'59"–09'20" 188–334 m Intermediate
IGM unknown N26° 39'38"–39'40" E142° 08'58"–09'00" 155–172 m Dense
SKM putative natural N26° 40'08"–40'25" E142° 09'08"–08'37" 200–314 m Sparse
LPS putative man-made N26° 40'52"–40'57" E142° 09'48"–09'53" 174–183 m Dense
  Tree size (DBH) Vegetation    
OTJ 15–77 cm Natural    
CCJ 11–84 cm Various type of vegetation    
KWK 17–95 cm Introduced species dominating    
IGM 17–52 cm Putative natural    
SKM 20–119 cm Natural    
LPS 16–49 m Second growth    
  1. 1)The planted trees were sampled in northern civilization area and the middle part of the island, trees in the south part of the island supposed to be natural.
  2. 2)The planted trees are located in the lower elevation (to ca. 240 m), the natural trees are supposed to grow in the higher elevation area.