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Table 9 Sample locations, water depths, collecting date and device.

From: Biodiversity of nematode assemblages from the region of the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone, an area of commercial mining interest

Sample Location Water Depth (m) Collecting Date Collecting Device
BC4 00°06.00'N 139°43.90'W 4328 15/Nov/92 Box Corer
BC6 00°06.62'N 139°43.96'W 4305 16/Nov/92 Box Corer
BC7 00°06.40'N 139°44.10'W 4307 18/Nov/92 Box Corer
BC8 00°06.98'N 139°43.94'W 4301 19/Nov/92 Box Corer
MC15 00°06.57'N 139°43.42'W 4304 19/Nov/92 Multiple Corer
BC9 02°03.94'N 140°08.94'W 4409 20/Nov/92 Box Corer
BC10 02°04.00'N 140°07.90'W 4414 21/Nov/92 Box Corer
BC11 02°03.96'N 140°08.06'W 4409 22/Nov/92 Box Corer
BC12 02°03.80'N 140°07.90'W 4410 23/Nov/92 Box Corer
BC15 05°05.00'N 139°39.00'W 4447 27/Nov/92 Box Corer
BC16 05°04.42'N 139°38.90'W 4446 28/Nov/92 Box Corer
BC17 05°04.80'N 139°38.50'W 4424 29/Nov/92 Box Corer
BC18 05°04.20'N 139°38.40'W 4320 30/Nov/92 Box Corer
MC26 05°04.30'N 139°38.30'W 4418 30/Nov/92 Multiple Corer
BC19 08°55.08'N 139°52.20'W 4986 3/Dec/92 Box Corer
BC20 08°56.04'N 139°51.55'W 4994 4/Dec/92 Box Corer
BC22 08°55.80'N 139°52.30'W 4991 6/Dec/92 Box Corer
MC1 22°54.69'N 157°49.74'W 4880 29/Jul/92 Multiple Corer
MC2 22°54.95'N 157°49.93'W 4871 29/Jul/92 Multiple Corer
MC4 22°54.74'N 157°50.21'W 4880 31/Jul/92 Multiple Corer
MC6 22°54.64'N 157°49.86'W 4884 1/8/92 Multiple Corer