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Table 3 Fisher Exact test on the variation of species abundance per substrate type and location a

From: The prevalence of Caenorhabditis elegans across 1.5 years in selected North German locations: the importance of substrate type, abiotic parameters, and Caenorhabditis competitors

Origin CE vs. CR CE vs. CB CR vs. CB
Kiel apple <0.0001* >0.99 <0.0001*
Münster apple 0.4052 >0.99 0.4052
Kiel compost <0.0001* <0.0001* 0.7703
Münster compost <0.0001* <0.0001* 0.3701
Roxel compost <0.0001* <0.0001* 0.3718
  1. aThe frequencies used for this analysis are given in Table 2. The three Caenorhabditis species are compared pairwise. Abbreviations: CE C. elegans, CR C. remanei, CB C. briggsae. The false discovery rate was used to account for multiple testing and the remaining significant P-values (at α < 0.05) are given in bold and indicated by an asterisk.