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Archived Comments for: When species matches are unavailable are DNA barcodes correctly assigned to higher taxa? An assessment using sphingid moths

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  1. Corrigendum

    John-James Wilson, none

    7 December 2011

    The additional files listing DNA barcode sequences, Additional file 1: Full reference library and Additional file 2: Query dataset, do not contain GenBank Accession numbers for all the barcodes. These are provided below.

    Full reference library: AF170855, DQ275912, DQ275931, DQ275962, DQ276143, DQ276250, DQ276382, DQ276428, DQ276435, DQ276559, DQ276563, DQ276652, DQ276685, DQ276719, DQ276771, DQ291196, DQ291629, DQ291665, EU646625, FJ026855, FJ026872, FJ026888, GU089986, GU091060, GU091153, GU091575, GU439065, JN677557, JN677636, JN677646 - JN678714.

    Query dataset: DQ275904, DQ275911, DQ275936, DQ275948, DQ275956, DQ275969, DQ276059, DQ276145, DQ276158, DQ276229, DQ276236, DQ276249, DQ276369, DQ276377, DQ276385, DQ276421, DQ276430, DQ276432, DQ276453, DQ276505, DQ276537, DQ276550, DQ276564, DQ276684, DQ276688, DQ276720, DQ276763, DQ276786, JN677553 - JN677642.

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