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Figure 3

From: radR: an open-source platform for acquiring and analysing data on biological targets observed by surveillance radar

Figure 3

Example program radR screen layout showing bird targets migrating overhead in spring at Old Cut Field Station, Long Point, Lake Erie, Canada. The main 'plot' screen is in the upper left; the 'blip processing functions' in the upper right, display options in the lower right, and 'player' controls in the lower left. On the plot screen, an aerial photograph underlay is shown, with North at the top. Blips detected in the current scan are an orange colour; blips that are green show positions where targets were situated in previous scans. A single track (white arrow pointing N on the right hand side of the plot screen) is currently active and shows the relationship between a current blip (orange) and the previous locations of that target. Details of that track are shown in the text box in the upper left hand corner of the plot screen.

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