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Table 1 Number of permanent plots established along the transect routes and the number of pellets detected during the dry season

From: The effect of season and post-fire on habitat preferences of the endangered Swayne’s hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus swaynei) in Maze National Park, Ethiopia

Habitat typeNumber of plotsNumber of pellets detectedriniEi= (ri − ni)/(ri +ni)
Plain bushland1001190.020.10− 0.67
Sloppy bushland119760.010.12− 0.83
Rugged bushland191160.000.19−1.00
Riverine forest1481310.020.15− 0.76
Agricultural land44150.000.13− 1.00
  1. One plot is 4 × 5 m = 20 m2; ri = is the proportion of all Swayne’s hartebeest pellet detected; ni = is the proportion of plots representing a habitat type; Ei = Ivlev’s selectivity index