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Table 2 Environmental variables used to model Spodoptera frugiperda (FAW) distribution in South Kivu

From: Bioclimatic zonation and potential distribution of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in South Kivu Province, DR Congo

Environmental and bioclimatic parameters Code Units
Mean annual temperature (* 10) bio1 °C
Mean daytime temperature range (monthly average) (* 10) bio2 °C
Isothermality (bio1/bio7) * 100 bio3
Temperature seasonality (standard deviation * 100) bio4 °C
Maximum temperature of the hottest month (* 10) bio5 °C
Minimum temperature of the coolest month (* 10) bio6 °C
Annual temperature range (bio5-bio6) (* 10) bio7 °C
Mean temperature of the warmest quarter (* 10) bio10 °C
Mean temperature of the coldest quarter (* 10) bio11 °C
Annual rainfall bio12 mm
Rainfall during the wettest month bio13 mm
Rainfall during the driest month bio14 mm
Rainfall seasonality bio15 mm
Rainfall in the wettest quarter bio16 mm
Rainfall in the driest quarter bio17 mm
Longest dry season duration llds
Annual moisture index mi
Moisture index of the dry quarter miaq
Moisture index of the wet quarter mimq
Potential evapotranspiration pet mm
Elevation dem M