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Fig. 3

From: Coexistence and cooperation in structured habitats

Fig. 3

Phase plane for metabolic trade-off. Trajectories of average inoculum size \({\overline{n}}\) and average composition \({\overline{x}}_1\) are displayed in purple, where two connected dots indicate one cycle of growth, mixing and reseeding. Dark purple points indicate starting points for these trajectories, which are followed for 50 cycles, and can end in stable fixed points (full green circles). Empty red circles are unstable fixed points. Isoclines for total population size, \(\Delta {\overline{n}}^\star =0\), are shown in blue, while isoclines for the composition \(\Delta {\overline{x}}_1^\star =0\), are shown in orange. Hatched regions indicate areas where either variable over one cycle, while on the other side of the isocline they decrease. Parameters not stated in panels are \(\delta \varphi _1 = 0.2\), \(S_0\varphi =10^5\), \(\alpha T_\text{mix}=24\)

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