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Table 5 Information-theoretic model selection results for one free-living and one captive group of banded mongooses

From: Effect of food limitation and reproductive activity on fecal glucocorticoid metabolite levels in banded mongooses

GroupModel: ln(fGCM) \(\sim\)logLKAIC\(_c\)\(\Delta\)\(w_i\)
Free-livingorg + (1|event)− 783.841575.70.01.00
(1|event)− 797.531600.925.30.00
Captiveorg + (1|event)− 93.14194.70.00.83
(1|event)− 95.83198.03.20.17
  1. Fecal glucocorticoid metabolites (fGCMs), in a free-living group (n = 584 feces) and a captive group (n = 86 feces) of banded mongooses (Mungos mungo), northeastern Botswana (2008–2011), modeled by sampling event (1|event, random effect) and percentage fecal organic matter (org, fixed effect)