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Table 1 ANOVA for the pollen extraction

From: Efficiency of using electric toothbrush as an alternative to a tuning fork for artificial buzz pollination is independent of instrument buzzing frequency

SourceDFF ratioProb > F
Panel A
 C. Total95 < 0.0001*
Panel B
 Species187.5024< 0.0001*
 Time118.4352< 0.0001*
 Instrument * species15.32290.0235*
 Species * time10.68640.4097
 Time * frequency21.14060.3245
 Species * time * frequency21.07080.3474
  1. Statistical analysis (ANOVA) of pollen extraction from S. elaeagnifolium and S. lycopersicum using tuning fork and electric toothbrush at different frequencies for 3 and 16 s time intervals