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Table 1 Ranks 1 to 8 of the predictor terms of the full PoD models based on χ2

From: Adaptation of wild boar (Sus scrofa) activity in a human-dominated landscape

Rank based on χ2Predictor termχ2
Altdorf Forest
 1Phase of day2552.4
 2Day of year × PoD = night314.8
 3Day of year × PoD = daylight283.8
 4Day of year × PoD = dusk282.1
 5Day of year × PoD = dawn160.9
 6Air temperature152.1
Swabian Alps
 1Phase of day1882
 2Air temperature534.3
 3Day of year × PoD = daylight268.7
 4Day of year × PoD = dusk218.2
 5Hunting pressure = standard hunting × PoD213.4
 6Distance to the next track161.7
 7Wild boar identity159.5
Wurzach Marsh
 1Air temperature486.6
 2Land use type337.0
 3Day of year × PoD = daylight292.6
 4Day of year × hunting pressure = no hunting277.5
 5Day of year × hunting pressure = standard hunting217.0
 6Wild boar identity196.5
 8Distance to the next road153.2
  1. × indicates an interaction term. All terms were highly significant (p < 0.001)