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Table 1 Comparison of the shell utilization and preferences of the two co-occurring hermit crab species

From: Shell resource partitioning as a mechanism of coexistence in two co-occurring terrestrial hermit crab species

 Coenobita rugosusCoenobita perlatus
Utilized gastropod shells90 species (21 families)41 species (14 families)
Cerithiid shells utilized13.90%32.06% (***)
Cerithiid shells selected54.67%56.00%
Nassariid shells utilized28.78%18.49%
Nassariid shells selected64.00%65.33%
Naticid shells utilized14.09%4.22% (***)
Naticid shells selected56.00%20.00% (***)
Strombid shells utilized12.77%39.52% (***)
Strombid shells selected25.33%58.67% (***)
Shell diversity Shannon H3.6443.039
Niche width B in respect to shell species23.87012.869
  1. Asterisks (***p < 0.001) indicate significant differences in the proportional utilization or selection of the respective shell type between the two hermit crab species, C. rugosus and C. perlatus