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Table 3 Results from exact test of population differentiation and M values for each species

From: Phylogeography of higher Diptera in glacial and postglacial grasslands in western North America

p valueMp-valueMp-valueMp-value
I. incerta1.00012.46> 0.00010.52> 0.00010.85> 0.0001
M. columbi0.11213.53> 0.00011.100.001030.85> 0.0001
T. fumipennis1.000(infinite)0.005710.390.003230.490.00151
  1. Differentiation was examined for each pair of regions, as well as for the structure established by Geneland. Values in italic indicate significant p-values (p > 0.05). R Prairies, PR Peace River region, YK Yukon, South includes the Prairies and Peace River. M values (number of absolute migrants between regions per generation) are also included for each pair of regions