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Table 2 Results of AMOVA testing the structure outlined by Geneland

From: Phylogeography of higher Diptera in glacial and postglacial grasslands in western North America

SpeciesVariance componentsPercentage variationΦCTp
I. incerta1.7070.0512.0045.321.3753.320.4530.3
M. columbi0.4750.0280.91933.401.9764.630.3340.3
T. fumipennis2.012− 0.0271.95051.14− 0.7049.560.5110.3
  1. One population contained all Prairie and Peace River individuals, the other all the Yukon individuals. AP among populations, AR/WP among region within populations, WR within region, ΦCT fixation index of covariance among defined populations