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Table 2 Variables, description and code used in the ENFA and MaxEnt niche models

From: Ecological niche modelling to estimate the distribution of Culicoides, potential vectors of bluetongue virus in Senegal

Category of variables Description Abbreviation/code
Temperature Mean annual temperature Bio01
Mean Diurnal range [mean of monthly (max temp − min temp)] Bio02
Isothermality (Bio02/Bio07)*100 Bio03
Temperature seasonality (standard deviation * 100) Bio04
Maximum temperature of warmest month Bio05
Minimum temperature of coldest month Bio06
Annual temperature range (Bio05–Bio06) Bio07
Mean temperature of wettest quarter Bio08
Mean temperature of driest quarter Bio09
Mean temperature of warmest quarter Bio10
Mean temperature of coldest quarter Bio11
Precipitations Annual precipitation Bio12
Precipitation of wettest month Bio13
Precipitation of driest month Bio14
Precipitation seasonality (coefficient of variation) Bio15
Precipitation of wettest quarter Bio16
Precipitation of driest quarter Bio17
Precipitation of warmest quarter Bio18
Precipitation of coldest quarter Bio19
Altitude Digital elevation model Dem
Animal density Cumulative density of horses, cattle, donkeys, goats and sheep Livestock
Cattle density Cattle
Goat density Goat
Sheep density Sheep
Horse density Horse
Donkey density Donkey