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Table 2 Resources required to survey wombat burrows in each transect with ground and drone methods

From: Mapping out bare-nosed wombat (Vombatus ursinus) burrows with the use of a drone

Method People Time (min) Equipment
No. Skill Field Desktop Total (AUD)
Ground 3 Low/med 57 10 67 GPS × 3 (1200)
Drone 1 High 15 45 60 Drone (2925)
Tablet (470)
Software (2000)
  1. The time taken to prepare for surveys and to move around the study area was equivalent for the methods and is not accounted for in the field time presented here. The time required at the desktop for the methods involved downloading GPS coordinates for ground surveys, and downloading, processing and interpreting imagery for drone surveys. The costs of essential equipment were for the initial purchase of these items, which may be expected to be used on multiple, varied projects over their service life