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Table 1 Altitude, location, and area of the five study ponds

From: Explosive breeding in tropical anurans: environmental triggers, community composition and acoustic structure

Local name Code name Altitude GPS coordinates Area
Caïman Ca 313 4°34′10″N; 52°13′11″W 1192.3
Blanc Bl 236 4°40′14″N; 52°18′22″W 399.5
Patawa Pa 295 4°31′41″N; 52°07′14″W 2240.2
Arlesienne Ar 269 4°32′44″N; 52°14′11″W 672.0
Petite Pe 289 4°35′59″N; 52°15′59 W 224.8
  1. Altitude is given in meters above sea level (m a.s.l.) and area in m2