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Table 1 Overview about investigated species for strain identity, culture medium, cell size and weighted average tolerated Total phosphorus range from a global dataset (according to Phillips et al. [38], Supplementary material)

From: Combining high-throughput imaging flow cytometry and deep learning for efficient species and life-cycle stage identification of phytoplankton

  Strain Taxonomic group Medium TP-range (µg L−1)a
Acutodesmus obliquus b,c SAG 276-3a Green algae BBM 25–90
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii b,c SAG 11-32b Green algae BBM 12–41
Chlorella vulgaris b,c SAG 211-11b Green algae BBM 27–87
Chroococcus minutus SAG 41.79 Cyanobacteria Z-Medium 16–60
Cryptomonas ovata c SAG 979-3 Cryptophyte BBM 12–41
Desmodesmus armatus b,c SAG 276-4d Green algae BBM 25–90
Microcystis aeruginosa c SAG 1450-1 Cyanobacteria Z-Medium 38–108
Oocystis marssonii SAG 257-1 Green algae BBM 8–28
Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 Cyanobacteria Z-Medium 21–62
  1. aTolerated range of total phosphorus (TP) according to Phillips et al. [38]
  2. bIndicator genus according to Palmer [36]
  3. cIndicator genus according to Reynolds [41]