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Table 3 Predicted direction of influence for the effects of environmental variables on the phenotypic traits of the investigated trees belonging to GG1 and GG2; model summaries are provided in Additional file 3

From: Testing the potential significance of different scion/rootstock genotype combinations on the ecology of old cultivated olive trees in the southeast Mediterranean area

  1. Positive and negative association is given by the coefficients of the most parsimonious model (Additional file 3) for the given trait as either positive (+ green cells), negative (− red cells) or zero (blank grey cells; when the variable was not present in the final model). Interaction between genotype combination and environmental effects is indicated by the differences between the two columns for a given environmental variable. For example, the effect of CaCO3 on peroxide value is positive in GG1 but negative in GG2 due to the presence of an interaction term in the final model
  2. *Results of general linear model explaining the effect of genotype combination on phenotypic traits