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Table 1 Services for data processing and analysis (Additional file 2)

From: BioVeL: a virtual laboratory for data analysis and modelling in biodiversity science and ecology

Service group Capabilities (web services)
General purpose, including mapping and visualization General-purpose capabilities needed in many situations, such as for:
 Interactive visualization of spatio-temporal data (BioSTIF) e.g., occurrence data;
 Execution of R programs embedded as steps in workflows;
 Temporary workspace for data file movements between services
Ecological niche modelling Built up from the existing openModeller web service [28] to offer a wide range of algorithms and modelling procedures integrated with geospatial management of environmental data, enabling researchers to create, test, and project ecological niche models (ENM)
Ecosystem modelling A basic toolbox for studies of carbon sequestration and ecosystem function. It includes data-model integration and calibration services, model testing and Monte Carlo Experiment services, ecosystem valuation services, and bioclimatic services
Metagenomics A basic set of services for studying community structure and function from metagenomic ecological datasets. It includes services for geo-referenced annotation, metadata services, taxonomic binning and classification services, metagenomic traits services, and services for multivariate analysis
Phylogenetics Services to enable DNA sequence mining and alignment, core phylogenetic inference, tree visualization, and phylogenetic community structure, for broad use in evolutionary and ecological studies
Population modelling Services for demographic data and their integration into matrix projection models and integral projection models (MPM, IPM)
Taxonomy Services for taxonomic name resolution, checklists and classification, and species occurrence data retrieval