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Table 2 Hierarchical linear mixed models (LMM) analysis of photosynthetic performance

From: Skeletal light-scattering accelerates bleaching response in reef-building corals

Metric of bleaching response \( \mu ^{\prime}_{{S,m}} \) Cluster Rate (day-1) p value, rate CLA \( \mu ^{\prime}_{{S,m}} \)—day interaction term p value
F v /F m Low-\( \mu ^{\prime}_{{S,m}} \) −0.0319 <0.001 0.016
High-\( \mu ^{\prime}_{{S,m}} \) −0.0144 0.002
Q m Low-\( \mu ^{\prime}_{{S,m}} \) 0.043 <0.001 0.013
High-\( \mu ^{\prime}_{{S,m}} \) 0.011 0.19
  1. Results of clustered longitudinal analysis (CLA) of high- and low-\( \mu ^{\prime}_{{S,m}} \) corals. Marginal analysis of F v /F m performed with values normalized to initial because the dynamic inversion of values (seen at day 4 in Fig. 1b; Additional file 3: Figure S3) makes marginal analysis insensitive to absolute differences over time