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Table 2 Multistate mark-recapture models of survival for M. molossus

From: Group size, survival and surprisingly short lifespan in socially foraging bats

Model QAICc ΔQAICc Number of parameters Deviance
(1) IS[gs]. Ф[gs]. ѱ[gs]. P[.] 1380.0 0.0 12 1407.5
(2) IS[gs]. Ф[marking year]. ѱ[.]. P[.] 1498.0 118.0 9 1480.0
(3) IS[gs]. Ф[.]. ѱ[.]. P[.] 1509.4 129.4 5 1499.3
(4) IS[gs]. Ф[social group]. ѱ[.]. P[.] 1513.5 133.5 8 1497.2
(5) IS[gs]. Ф[month]. ѱ[.]. P[.] 1522.9 142.9 18 1485.6
  1. The survival estimates are based on 63 adult females from four social groups. The five models are ordered by the ΔQAICc where a lower value indicates a better fit of the model to the data. These models estimated initial state (IS), survival (Ф), transition probabilities (ѱ) and constant detection probability (P) for the predictor variables adult group size (gs), marking year, social group and observation month