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Table 1 Mosquito larval habitat types found on Nyabondo plateau in western Kenya

From: Efficacy of neem chippings for mosquito larval control under field conditions

Habitat Type N (percent) Description
Artificial pond: 88 (70.5%) A small manmade depression containing still water stored for local purposes e.g. brick making, watering cattle, domestic use etc.
Open drain: 50 (42.0%) A channel dug to draw off water.
Swamp: 15 (66.6%) A low-lying wet land with tall reeds and grassy vegetation
Active fish pond: 6 (0.0%) A controlled inland body of standing freshwater stocked with fish
Abandoned fish pond: 68 (63.2%) An unmaintained and/or uncontrolled inland body of standing freshwater with or without fish
Temporary pools: 112 (47.3%) Shallow depressions holding water only during rains e.g.
(a) foot prints: grooves made on the ground by man and/or cattle
(b) tire tracks: grooves made on the ground by vehicles
(c) brick pits: depressions made by digging out topsoil to make bricks
(d) ground pools: naturally formed small area with still water