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Table 2 Spearman rank correlation coefficients (r) of the predictors.

From: Do pseudo-absence selection strategies influence species distribution models and their predictions? An information-theoretic approach based on simulated data

  IAV-NDVI Minimum Temperature Seasonality of Precipitation Mimimum NDVI Elevational Range
Percent Treecover 0.12 0.32 -0.62 0.79 0.03
IAV-NDVI   0.08 -0.2 -0.05 0.19
Minimum Temperature    -0.10 0.12 -0.01
Seasonality of Precipitation     -0.66 -0.24
Mimimum NDVI      0.16
  1. The first three predictors (percent tree cover, IAV-NDVI, and minimum temperature, in bold) were used to define the distribution of the virtual species.