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Table 3 Overview of the 16S rDNA sequencing results of sponge symbionts in temperate Western Australia.

From: Diversity and abundance of photosynthetic sponges in temperate Western Australia

Symbionts Sponges    
Synechoccus spongiarum clade Chondrilla australiensis* Hippospongia sp. Phyllospongia sp. Psammastra sp.
Synechococcus species Calcarea species Haliclona sp.* Crella sp.  
Synechocystis species Mycale sp. 1 Spongia sp.   
Oscillatoria spongeliae clade Chondropsis sp.    
Undescibed cyanobacterium Cymbastela marshae    
Rhodophyte Lissodendoryx sp.    
  1. *These symbionts were sequenced by Usher et al. (2004a).