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Table 4 Family and species level designations by trophic grouping for invertebrates collected on the Clatse and Neekas Rivers, British Columbia, in August 2000.

From: Salmon-derived nitrogen in terrestrial invertebrates from coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwest

Trophic grouping Family Species
1) Root Feeders Curculionidae Steremnius carinatus Boh. Steremnius tuberosus Gyll.
2) Detritivores Parajulidae Unknown
3) Omnivores Carabidae Pterostichus crenicollis LeC. Scaphinotus angusticollis Mann. Zacotus matthewsii LeC.
4) Predators Agelenidae Antrodiaetidae Cybaeus reticulatus Simon Antrodiaetus pacificus Simon