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Table 3 % Marine-derived nitrogen (MDN) estimates in invertebrates collected above and below waterfall barriers to salmon migration on the Clatse and Neekas Rivers, British Columbia. Estimates of % MDN were made under conditions of no fractionation from the source and maximum fractionation of 4‰ from the source nitrogen by primary producers.

From: Salmon-derived nitrogen in terrestrial invertebrates from coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwest

  Clatse River
Invertebrate family(ies) % MDN (No Fractionation) %MDN (Max Fractionation)
Curculionidae 49.1% 71.5%
Parajulidae 19.4% 28.2%
Carabidae 30.6% 44.6%
Agelenidae/Antrodiaetidae 30.4% 44.3%
  Neekas River
Invertebrate family(ies) %MDN (No Fractionation) %MDN (Max Fractionation)
Parajulidae 45.8% 62.3%
Carabidae 34.8% 47.3%
Agelenidae/Antrodiaetidae 51.2% 69.6%