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Table 1 ITS1/ITS2 translation table

From: SymbioGBR: a web-based database of Symbiodinium associated with cnidarian hosts on the Great Barrier Reef

ITS1 type Genbank # ITS2 type Genbank # Comments
C1_sensu van Oppen FJ529563 C1 AF333515  
C1:1a   C1 AF333515 equals ITS1 C1a and ITS2 C1
C1:2 AF380552 C1 AF333515 equals ITS1 C2 and ITS2 C1
C1:3a AY758440 C1 AF333515 equals ITS1 C3a and ITS2 C1
C1n   C8a FJ529613  
C2 AF380552 C3 AF499789 sensu van Oppen
C3 AF380533 C3 AF499789 sensu van Oppen
C3a AY758440 C1 AF333515  
C3t FJ529569 C3t FJ529595  
C33 FJ529566 C33 AY258498  
C33a FJ529564 C33a EF541147  
C42a FJ529561 C42a FJ529656  
C78a FJ529562 C78a FJ529605  
C79 FJ529560 C79 FJ529570  
Cdot AF180127 C15 AY239369  
Cdot AF180127 C17 AY239369  
Cn AY758555    no ITS2 match sensu van Oppen
  1. Example of the cross-referencing functionality of the website, showing an overview of Symbiodinium types that have been identified by both ITS1 and ITS2. Genbank accession numbers are provided when available. Symbiodinium types that differ in their ITS1 versus ITS2 nomenclature are indicated in italics. Nomenclature is sensu LaJeunesse unless stated otherwise.