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Table 1 Number of papers containing data and paired data-sets identified for the initial systematic reviews conducted for earthworm and fungal community metrics following land use transition and earthworm effect on water infiltration rates and fungal effects on microaggregate stability

From: Land-use and land-management change: relationships with earthworm and fungi communities and soil structural properties

   Earthworms Fungi
Conventional vs reduced tillage Papers 79 15
  Datasets 162 73
Arable to grassland conversion Papers 16 24
  Datasets 54 173
Grassland to woodland conversion Papers 15 18
  Datasets 33 85
Earthworm abundance and water infiltration Papers 5 N/A
  Datasets 29 N/A
Fungal biomass and microaggregate stability Papers N/A 10
  Datasets N/A 86