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Table 1 Akaike information criterion (AIC) of competing generalized linear models testing the effect of ammonia concentration on Anopheles gambiae molecular forms larval mortality

From: Physiological correlates of ecological divergence along an urbanization gradient: differential tolerance to ammonia among molecular forms of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae

Expl. Variable Molecular Form
logit probit log-log logit probit log-log
CONC. 60.26 59.23 59.24 55.71 55.59 107.29
log(CONC.) 141.41 166.22 108.86 27.42 27.73 33.62
  1. All models have a binomial errors structure but differ in the scale of the explanatory variable (CONC., i.e. ammonia concentration, linear vs. log-transformed), or the link function of the linear predictor (logit vs. probit vs. complementary log-log). The minimal adequate model for each taxon, i.e. that having the lowest AIC, is shown in bold.