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Table 3 Correlation among traits.

From: Phenotypic variation in sexually and asexually recruited individuals of the Baltic Sea endemic macroalga Fucus radicans: in the field and after growth in a common-garden

  N Correlation coefficient P
Growth rate vs Phlorotannin content 11 -0.53 0.05-0.1
Photochemical yield after freezing vs Thallus width 12 0.51 0.05-0.1
Photochemical yield after desiccation vs Water content after 2 h of desiccation 12 0.54 0.05-0.1
  1. Correlation coefficients are shown for those phenotypic traits that showed marginally significant correlations (0.05 <P < 0.1). (No correlations were significant at α = 0.05). All thalli from the group of unique multilocus genotypes were included in the analyses together with one randomly chosen thallus of each of the three monoclonal groups. P-values are not corrected for multiple testing