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Table 1 ANOVA statistics (P-values) indicating differentiation of traits.

From: Phenotypic variation in sexually and asexually recruited individuals of the Baltic Sea endemic macroalga Fucus radicans: in the field and after growth in a common-garden

  No common garden treatment Common garden treatment
Differentiation Thallus width Distance between dichotomies Phlorotannin content Palatability to grazers Photochemical yield Photochemical yield after desiccation Photochemical yield after freezing Water content after desiccation Growth during 3 months
ANOVA clones 0.55 0.1 0.0001 0.49 0.08 0.059 0.002 0.99 0.36
Post-hoc (SNK)          
Clone-0 vs Clone-1    P < 0.05     P < 0.05   
Clone-0 vs Clone 4       0.05 <P < 0.10 P < 0.05   
Clone-1 vs Clone 4    P < 0.05    0.05 <P < 0.10    
Effect    Clone-1 higher    Clone-4 higher Clone-0 lower   
  1. Variation of phenotypic trait values for nine different traits are compared among the 3 monoclonal groups and significant results further evaluated with SNK posthoc test. Trait values were used untransformed with low deviations from homogeneous variances. Significant values are indicated in bold