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Table 2 Behavioural interactions between silverfish and ants and behavioural categories used for calculating the aggression index.

From: Acquisition of chemical recognition cues facilitates integration into ant societies

Behaviour Definition Category
Ignored An ant worker touches the silverfish once with its antennae and moves on without any sign of behavioural modification. -
Groomed An ant grooms the silverfish with its mouthparts. The silverfish remains in position. -
Avoid When an ant approaches, the silverfish avoids contact by quick escape. -
Antennated An ant touches a silverfish repeatedly with its antennae for longer than two seconds without displaying other behaviours. -
Unnoticed An ant comes into and perhaps stays in contact with a silverfish, but not with its antennae; the ant does not modify its behaviour. -
Chased An ant touches the silverfish with its antennae and quickly lunges in its direction. Aggressive
Snapped An ant touches the silverfish with its antennae and snaps with its mandibles in the direction of the silverfish. Aggressive
Stung An ant touches the silverfish with its antennae, lunges forward and bends its gaster in the direction of the opponent. The attempt is not necessarily successful. Aggressive
Seized An ant snapped at and subsequently seized a silverfish in its mandibles. Aggressive