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Table 4 Results of parametric (t - test) and non-parametric (Wilcoxon Signed-Rank) tests.

From: Ancient feeding ecology inferred from stable isotopic evidence from fossil horses in South America over the past 3 Ma

   t-test Nonparametric
Variable Comparison groups p p
δ13C A vs. B 3,6E-10 1,17E-06
δ13C C vs. D 0,97 0,73
δ13C E vs F 0,12 0,33
δ13C G vs. H 0,15 0,15
δ13C C vs. E 2,2E-05 2,9E-04
δ13C D vs. F 3,1E-07 9,8E-04
δ13C I vs. J 0,17 0,04
δ18O A vs. B 0,85 0,93
δ18O C vs. D 0,01 0,02
δ18O E vs F 0,08 0,18
δ18O G vs. H 1,4E-12 1,2E-05
δ18O C vs. E 0,52 0,46
δ18O D vs. F 0,08 0,09
δ18O I vs. J 0,01 0,03
  1. Results of tests performed on twelve possible paired comparisons between two genera of South American equids. The definition of groups is the same as for table 3. p: significance level. p< 0.05 in bold.