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Figure 3

From: Behavioral mechanisms and morphological symptoms of zombie ants dying from fungal infection

Figure 3

Heads of manipulated ants colonized by fungi. A (top panel) is a light micrograph (LM) saggital section through the head of an O. unilateralis s.l infected ant that was biting a leaf at the moment of fixation (i.e. alive). The small grey blobs are fungal hyphal bodies that fill the head and mandibles. Note the spacing between the muscle fibers. The insect shows a close up of hyphal bodies around the post-pharyngeal gland (PPG). B is the brain, Mu, Muscles and Cu is cuticle. B) is a LM of healthy muscle and C) is a LM of muscle from a behaviorally manipulated ant that was biting a leaf and alive when removed for fixation. The small blobs between the fibers are fungal cells.

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